1 Peter 1:13     PREPARE your minds for action. 

Be sober minded.  Set your hope fully on the grace to be given you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


Chad Kreuzer.  Health and homestead 

combines country living tips, scientifically backed, evidence-based natural remedies, health and a mix of Biblical insight.

Easiest Plant To Grow To Sustain Your Family!

11 Crops to Grow To Survive Difficult Times! 

This Hoophouse Setup Could Change Your Life. High Tunnel

Seedtime - A Year Round System to Grow Food Or Become A Market Gardener -


Dr. Conrad Vine:

Spiritual Preparation for Persecution

Megatrends Impacting Religious Liberty

Money, Money, Money; no buy or sell

2024-01-13 Village Seventh-Day Adventist Church Religious Liberty weekend. 

One aspect is moving out the city, buy land to grow your own food:  kitchen garden.  Check out: 

Great Lakes Adventist Academy Cedar Lake Growers with Heidi Sandvik.

Christopher DiCicco in Benton Harbor, MIchigan:  Sowerspursemicrofarm.com.


The michigan gardner

Back to basics

Don't Underestimate The Power of Two Pots of Lettuce

EIGHT Crops Every Beginner Can Grow

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