December 11, 2020

Dear church family, 

We are now officially reopened for in person services! Please see below the voted procedure we have put together for your protection and enjoyment.We will be still livestreaming the worship service, so make sure and tune in on our website BattleCreekTabernacle.com and be blessed. Also, regarding tithes and offerings for those of you who do not attend, listed below are a few options to consider:

  1. Mail your tithe and offerings to your local church (not the conference office).
  2. Give online at https://adventistgiving.org/ or through the mobile app at AdventistGiving.
  3. Other options may include coordinating with your local deacon(ess)/elder/pastor.

Remember, a strong immune system (which includes trusting in your Creator) is your greatest defense against disease of any kind. May God's great blessings fall upon you today like the showers of the summer rain! 

Pastor Rob Benardo 
The Battle Creek Tabernacle 
of Seventh-day Adventists 
God's Glory - My Greatest Joy


Battle Creek Tabernacle's COVID-19 Attendance Policy


  1. Vulnerable, health compromised members of any age or those who are sick, are strongly encouraged to remain at home and enjoy the worship service online. If anyone with duties in the church feels uncomfortable, we want to encourage them to communicate this to the staff and by all means, please stay at home.                                                                                                                              

  2. Symptoms in regards to the virus or flu may include: coughing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, or sudden loss of smell or taste. For other questions go to the CDC Website. To be safe, if you have any of these symptoms please stay home. 
  3. For your safety, everyone will have their temperature checked at the door. If the temperature is over 100 degrees, that person will be asked to kindly not attend the service that week.                                                                                                                             
  4. Sanitizing will take place before and after the service (pews, bathrooms, doorknobs, light switches, microphones, etc.). Please be assured that proper steps are being taken for your health and safety.
  5. We have created sanitizing teams to maintain the health and safety of the congregation, who will pay special attention to the family/mother’s rooms, preschool and children’s areas, removing everything nonessential from the rooms, to limit surfaces for potential cross-contamination, and do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing in between uses.
  1. Children are discouraged from bringing anything, other than offering, to Sabbath School. Parents themselves, are responsible to distance their children from others to their own comfort level. If they are not comfortable with the distancing being maintained, or any other safety measures, they should enjoy the service at home. Children will use hand sanitizers before and after sabbath school.
  2. Crucial to our reopening effort is the practicing of social distancing in all meetings without exception, maintaining at least a six (6) foot distance from each other. This may require multiple services to accommodate all who wish to come. Other related measures include:
    • Encourage friendliness, while not encouraging the shaking of hands or hugging.
    • For children’s story, children will remain with their parents and the Children’s Offering will be taken with individual buckets (no touching of the money).
    • During offering, deacons with face coverings will hold the offering plate, so the attendees will not touch it (congregation will sit every other row or every three rows) OR the offering plates will be available at the end of the service. 
  3. Drinking fountains will not be available. We encourage everyone to bring their own water. 
  4. Some attendees may wish to wear face coverings while they are in the church. While this is not a requirement, a face covering is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, especially for the elderly, or those suffering from allergies, or for those with compromised health conditions. Severe obesity, diabetes, and respiratory related illnesses are the top factors that most intensify Covid-19. People with any of these illnesses are encouraged to wear a face covering. 
  5. No potlucks until further notice. 
  6. Maintain online services for those who have started following our services online.
  7. Provide appropriate, socially distant visitation to those that are unable to come to church.
  8. All services and programs, including club ministries and prayer meetings, may restart within the church facilities and properties while maintaining health and safety guidelines.
  9. Windows will be opened to allow for free cross ventilation. 
  10. Your immunity is your best defense, so take care of yourself according to God’s design.


*Going anywhere at any time, with or without face-coverings will likely expose you to pathogens, but most of those are not a problem if you have a healthy immune system. Anyone who comes to church, goes to the grocery store or to work, runs the risk of getting exposed to something harmful and so all of life (including going to our church) is lived “at your own risk”.  

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