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Informational Meeting:  January 10 and 17, 3:00 pm

for our upcoming program.

Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

Dr Neil Nedley 
Dr Neil Nedley

Program Features:
  • Overcome depression and/or anxiety
  • Discover how to achieve a healthy sense of self-worth
  • Learn coping skills
  • Find the motivation and concentration to help achieve your goals
  • Help a friend/family member with depression
  • Prevent depression and and/or anxiety
  • Gain stress control
  • Achieve optimal mental health
  • Learn general health knowledge
  • Professional development


Program Topics:
  • Identifying Depression and Its Causes
  • Lifestyle Treatment for Depression
  • Nutrition and the Brain
  • How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Depression
  • Positive Lifestyle Choices
  • Stress Without Distress
  • Living Above Loss
  • How to Improve Brain Function