Pathfinder Club  



By Brad and Tracey Hall, Directors of the Battle Creek Pioneers Pathfinder Club


The Pathfinder Club celebrated the end of the year with Fair at Camp Au Sable in May. We had several things happen that showed God's hand in our weekend.


First of all, one of the driver’s vehicles experienced car troubles that required us to leave their car halfway up at a park and ride. The tricky part was they were pulling up a camper for them to stay in.  But the Lord had put in Brad's and my mind a few days before we left to drive two trucks instead of a truck and a car as we usually do. So, we had an extra truck that was able to pull their camper the rest of the way to camp.


Secondly, while at our campsite on Friday, we were getting ready to eat dinner when we noticed the camper on the site next to us, through the woods, was on fire with people inside. We were able to put their fire out with our extinguisher before they even knew their camper was on fire. If we hadn't been delayed by the vehicle problems on the way up, we would have been done with our meal two hours earlier and we likely wouldn't have been by that side of their camper to even notice the fire so quickly and save their camper and possibly their lives.


As if that's not enough miracles for one weekend we experienced yet another.  The weather forecast for the weekend showed 100% thunderstorms all day Sabbath and Sunday. This forecast caused the conference to cancel all Sunday activities and end the Sabbath programs earlier than scheduled.  Many of the other clubs decided to pack up their stuff on Sabbath afternoon and head home after the program.  As directors, we had to make the decision to stay or leave too. After much discussion, prayer and looking at the weather radar we made the decision to stay and pack up in the rain on Sunday morning, so we didn't have to pack during the Sabbath hours.  To make a long story short, we were one of three clubs who chose to stay (out of nearly a hundred).  It not only didn't rain or thunder during the night on Sabbath, it didn't start raining on Sunday until five minutes after we were completely packed up and ready to leave.


Brad and I are so thankful and blessed by the safety God has continued to grant His pathfinder club yet another year. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for next pathfinder year.  All youth grades 5th - 12th are welcome to join. For more information email me at




In January the pathfinders started out the new year with service by volunteering at our local food bank.  

Together, with the help of some of our family members, we sorted through 12,000 pounds of potatoes. We removed spoiled potatoes and then bagged up the good ones  to be distributed to local families in need.



Also in January the teen pathfinders we're blessed to attend a spiritual weekend at Camp Au Sable. Our speaker for the weekend was Pastor Hubbard. He charged the pathfinders to be bold for the Lord and to be aware of the spiritual battle for their soul.  He also encouraged us to keep our confidence in the Lord alone. 



Brad and Tracey Hall, directors of the Battle Creek Pioneers Pathfinder Club














In December the pathfinders got to enjoy "flying high" time at District 5 Extreme Air Sports in Lansing.  They played Dodge ball and basketball, jumped on trampolines, attempted an air obstacle course and much more while landing safely in foam filled pits.

Lots of smiles and laughing filled the evening. What a great way to celebrate all the hard work the Pathfinders did in November. It's also nice to see our kids have fun together and be active!














































                                                      PATHFINDER CLUB REPORT November 2018

November a month of service for our Pathfinders. Together, with the help of you, our neighboring community and especially the amazing help of our Pathfinders and their families. We were able to fill 40 requests for holiday food boxes this November.

It's always good to see how enthusiastic our young people are about doing something to help others. They worked so hard and never complained.

Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' Thank you, church family, for all the donated food and money. I'm sure we made a difference in the life of someone!




                                                    PATHFINDER CLUB REPORT October 2018

It's Holiday Food Box Time Again and your pathfinder club will be accepting non-perishable food items from our church family now through November 17th. You can place your non-perishable food items on the table that is set up on the lower level between the two main bathrooms.  Or if you choose, you can place a monetary donation in a tithe envelope and mark it "holiday food boxes". It takes a lot of donated food and money to make this project work, please give generously.  Be sure to check your expiration dates on the food you donate. 

If you know of a family that you would like to deliver a food box to, please fill out one of the inserts that will be in your bulletin or you can also find one on the credenza in the foyer. You may also call in a request to the church office. The food boxes will be ready for you to pick up and deliver on Monday, November 19th during regular church office hours. If you have any questions you can contact Brad or Tracey Hall.


Your Pathfinders Need Your Support to Make Oshkosh International Camporee a Reality.  By now you have received an invitation to our "Non-Banquet" banquet. As I'm sure you figured out, we aren't having a banquet, but we do need your help.  Your donation would be greatly appreciated for our hard working youth, as this experience will help their faith to grow.  But we can't make this possible without you.  If you are able to donate, please mark your tithe envelope "pathfinders Oshkosh" or mail a check to the church office. Thank you for supporting your pathfinder club.









Our Pioneer Pathfinder club works in partnership with the home, school and church. Our purpose is to lead young people into a redemptive relationship with Jesus, to build them into responsible and mature individuals, and to involve them in active and selfless service. The club encourages the youth to participate in all aspects of church life.

Throughout the calendar year the Pathfinder club is involved in many fun, and meaningful activities. These help the youth (ages 10 and older) to see and experience the joy of being a follower of Jesus. Please see some the pictures below.

- Brad and Tracey Hall, Directors of the BC Pioneers Pathfinder Club


Some activities pictured:

                                                                     Volunteering at the Food Bank of Battle Creek, January 2018.




                                               Food collected for holiday food baskets at the BC Tabernacle, November 2017.




                                           District 8 winter snow outing, Camp AuSable February 2018.





          The Pathfinder Pledge & Law is an important part of Pathfinders.

          Thousands of Pathfinders each year learn and choose to abide by the requirements of the Pathfinder

          Pledge and Law for the sole purpose of growing closer to their fellow men and women, and to their Creator.



Pathfinder Pledge and Law:

By the grace of God, I will be pure, and kind, and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.

  • The Law is for me to:
  • Keep the morning watch
  • Do my honest part
  • Care for my body,
  • Keep a level eye
  • Be courteous and obedient
  • Walk softly in the sanctuary,
  • Keep a song in my heart,
  • Go on God's errand.